Why ski rental?

Why ski rental? Why should I hire my ski and snowboard equipment? I do have my own!

If we would have listed all the arguments in favor of the ski rental, then you wouldn’t come out from scrolling.

  • fact is, that the ski and snowboard rental expects all those who go in one or two-week winter holiday and want to enjoy skiing and snowboarding at its best. Here’s a little example!
  • fact is, that every time you can ride the latest ski and snowboard equipment – corresponding to the newest trends – and at the same time you can switch at no extra cost, within the respective rent categorie, on a different model or a different length!
  • fact is, that you can save the incurred service costs for insole, edge sharpening, waxing, binding setting, etc., because around SNOWELL only top quality, prepared and which suits your individual needs and ability rental equipment is issued to you. Moreover, we don’t mind, regrind the ski or snowboard during the rental period or to prepare it in the meantime!
  • fact is, that children can grow out of the material and thus new purchases are unavoidable. Around SNOWELL there is only the material to suit your kids. The fun is guaranteed at the winter sports and the best learning methods!
  • fact is, that you can save yourself from the annoying and bulky transport of your winter sports equipment from home to the resort because SNOWELL is in 400 of the finest ski destinations of Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra, Czech Republic and Germany.
  • expensive items like roof racks, which need to be reflected in the fuel consumption, are not for you!

Moreover, you can save yourself extra costs for the transportation of your ski and snowboard equipment, if you should, for example, travel in the winter holidays by air.

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